Where People Are the Top Priority

What We Do

Alta Senior Living is in the business of caring for people and the communities in which they live. Our expertise is developing, owning, and managing Senior Living Communities with a focus on caring for both our elders and the people who own these properties. Alta focuses on all the details of providing a safe and supportive environment for each resident, while at the same time caring for, maintaining and improving the community itself.

How We Do It

Here at Alta, the idea that the person comes first influences everything we do and create. From providing dignified care, elite programming, ageless style and décor, transparent pricing and science-based technology, every detail is driven by the needs of our clients and employees. When we honor the uniqueness of the people around us and combine it with our passion to serve, the result is a warmth you cannot help but feel as soon as you walk into an Alta Community.  In an industry that has created a one-size-fits-all template, we are honored to break the mold and celebrate YOU. 

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