Lifestyles By Alta

Assisted Living

The aging process is something we all must face in our lifetime but differs greatly from person to person. The challenges that arise during this process are often the main reason people move into an Assisted Living Community in the first place. People often seek out care, support, and understanding during a very uncertain time in their lives. Here at Alta, we take a very proactive and personal approach to helping our residents and their families manage these current concerns, giving them peace of mind now and for the future. 

Memory Care

Unlike in Assisted Living, a move to a Memory Care Community is often out of necessity due to a loved ones constantly increasing needs and challenges. We also understand that as their primary caregiver, you may feel uneasy about allowing someone else care for your loved one.  Here at Alta, we will not only support you and your loved one through the disease process, but we promise to honor each individual for the person they are, not the disease they suffer from.

Independent Living

Enjoy your retirement to the fullest and let us worry about the details. An Independent Living Community by Alta can provide just the right amount of support for those looking to continue an independent and active lifestyle. With beautiful accommodations, engaging programs, and activities, and chef-created meals, an Alta Community is the perfect way to spend your well-deserved retirement.